We help entrepreneurs launch their DIY websites with confidence.

You want to save money by creating your own website. 

How is that working for you?

Are you overwhelmed by all the options? Decisions? Time it takes? Have you started but are now stuck and frustrated? 

If you are ready…

  • to admit you could use a little help,
  • for a professional look that conveys trust, and
  • to launch your website with confidence, 

then let’s work on it together!

Together, we’ll develop elements of effective website design:


3ThingsWeFocusOn-01Audience analysis

To get results, every decision about your website must be made with purpose and audience in mind. We will:

  • Determine your audience
  • Write a value statement (whom you serve, how you help)
  • Evaluate your logo
  • Select a color scheme

3ThingsWeFocusOn-02Content creation

Your content must meet the needs and questions of your audience (not merely tell the world how great you are). We will:

  • Write content for your specific audience that is relevant, concise, and error-free
  • Select appropriate visuals
  • Write content to improve SEO (search engine optimization)

3ThingsWeFocusOn-03User experience

Poorly designed efforts are worse than none at all. We will:

  • Determine site navigation
  • Make sure the content is easy to read
  • Create calls to action
  • Select plug-ins for increased functionality

People are making snap judgments of you based on your website. Are they getting the right impression?

Let’s start the conversation

You choose how much support you want.

Consider your time, energy, and the learning curve.


Package 1: Complete DIY (do-it-yourself)

You have the time to create your website yourself; you’re just tired of researching and making decisions. Follow my step-by-step formula for creating an effective website.


  • Online course
  • Templates and worksheets
  • Access to tutorials


Package 2: DIY with support

If you don’t want to wade through materials and you want a hands-on approach, this package is for you. You have access to the online course material, but we also walk through it in real time so you can ask questions while building your site.


  • One month access to live, online, group instruction
  • Access to online course
  • Templates and worksheets
  • Access to tutorials
  • One hour of one-on-one support


Package 3: Completely customized

What do you need? Just a little one-on-one professional support? Someone to free you completely from the burden of creating your own site?

Contact me for an estimate

Your website should look good and make sense!

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