My portfolio

My portfolio shows my work and explains the thought processes that supported my design decisions based on audience, content, and user experience.

peshtigo-fire-museum-home-pagePeshtigo Fire Museum

Working with a committee of the Peshtigo Historical Society, I created this site to give tourists the information they need. There are other sites dedicated to the topic of the Peshtigo Fire, yet we rank well in searches because of behind-the-scenes work on keywords and links.

screenshot of Harmony Home Inspection websiteHarmony Home Inspection

I worked with Harmony Home Inspection in analyzing their target audience to create a one-page site. The final product is mobile responsive and easy to navigate. An online pre-inspection form makes connecting with potential customers quick and easy.


screenshot of I Do Bridal website home pageI Do Bridal

The owner of this bridal salon wanted a simple, clean website with good photography. The font selection gives it personality.

I showed the owner how to edit content, so she updates the slide shows, photo galleries, and content.

Website-redesign-homeWebsite redesign

This project was a college assignment. The objective was to propose a website redesign, defend my design choices, and create a mock-up of the home page. I chose to redesign the site of a local manufacturer.

I evaluated the website and suggested improvements regarding layout, visual style and graphics, navigation and site structure, and readability and content. Through this project, I learned the importance of every detail in a design project and how to support my decisions. The entire proposal can be found here. 

My wife and I had an idea of what we wanted our logo to be. With a rough sketch, Julie was able to provide us with the perfect logo that is right for us. This has been a very pleasant transaction, and we look forward to working with Julie again in the future. We absolutely love our logo.

Raul Ortega, Zinnia’s Bakery

Editor’s Notebook

Assignment: Find spelling/grammar errors in everyday life.

This was easy—it is what I do in real life! I dug up a variety of examples for a number of sources. Through this project, I demonstrate my attention to detail, my mastery of spelling and grammar, and my design capabilities.

Skills: Proofreading, editing, design, InDesign



Content Strategy

Assignment: Define a content strategy

I created this content strategy for a local manufacturer to update their company brochure. Through this project, I demonstrate that I can do the groundwork of research, the analytical work of content strategy, and the creative work of user-focused design.

Skills: Copywriting, editing, research, document design, marketing, InDesign

Technology in our schools


Assignment: Analyze an aspect of technology and how it has impacted our lives. Because I’m a parent, distance learner, and school board member, I chose to research the use of technology in our schools.

There are so many aspects to technology and education—benefits and drawbacks, administrative and classroom use, logistics, classroom configurations, and the impact of social media, to name a few. The only consensus among educators is that we need technology in our school; we just don’t know what a successful technology-integrated school district looks like yet.

I focused on what I believe are three foundations for wise use of technology in schools: a long-range technology plan, administrative support, and trained teachers. I also discussed benefits and drawbacks of using technology, shared insights from a teacher with a computer science degree, and conversations regarding how to provide student access to technology.

Skills: Research, editing, audience evaluation

Website tutorials



How to log in to your WordPress site


Envira Gallery

How to add images to an Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery

Configure your gallery

Marketing videos

It’s Coming Closer: My task was to create anticipation for a new helicopter model. I accomplished this through music and teaser clips. I was responsible for all aspects of production, including capturing the footage.

What to Expect at Commando Paintball: The company owner asked me to create a video for their company website that answered the oft-asked question: “What can I expect at my first paintball game?”  I used some of their footage, captured some of my own, wrote the copy, and added music.

Entertaining videos

The Cafeteria: This, the first video I ever made, was my entry in a contest: University of Wisconsin-Marinette’s “My Favorite Place on Campus”. I chose to make a silent film that told the story of a student’s first visit to the cafeteria. I directed the action, captured the video footage, created the text frames, and added the music. I fell in love with video editing.

Doctor De Soto: This was my final project for a Digital Storytelling class. I took the illustrations from this classic, award-winning children’s book and added narration, music, and sound effects. Feel free to share with the children in your life!