Day 2: My new home

Day 2: Aug. 10, 2019

I could not sleep in! Today was the big day!



The scene from my hotel room. Yep, looks like everything is still in the van. It was gray and cloudy all the way to Miller, and it rained most of the way. Couldn’t dampen my spirits, though!



Look! They put up a sign for me!

Google had me take back roads as the most direct route. I didn’t mind—got to see the scenery. Besides, the closer I got, the more nervous I got.



I stopped in Huron, the closest Walmart. They have my candy! The same price as in Marinette! I didn’t have to bring a cooler full after all!

There’s a lot of racial diversity here. Much more than in Peshtigo. I will be learning South Dakota history along with my students.

They also have cheese. Got what I need to survive!


I was so nervous!

Fortunately, no one knew exactly when I was arriving. I knew where my house was from the description Heidi gave me (my friend who lives here), and I looked it up on Google satellite.

I fell in love immediately. It’s so open and sunny! (Of course, the kitchen will eventually be yellow!). I got to explore by myself and was thrilled with everything about the place.

I was about a third of the way unpacking when Paula the cook stopped by to help me unload. Then my neighbor, Alanna the art teacher stopped by. And Megan, the K-3 teacher, came over and took me on a tour to my classroom. It was all so exciting! I could hardly take it all in!


It’s like a Tardis house—it feels so much bigger on the inside!

Those kitchen windows face south, so I get lots of sunshine.

I don’t have to mow my yard. Woohoo!



I was welcomed with flowers, notes, a journal, and food (on the counter, in the fridge, and in the freezer). Neighbors kept coming by with more food. I told my kids, and Autumn commented that she thought they only did that kind of thing in the movies. They think I’m being groomed to join a cult.





Can you believe all this fit in the van?!

By bedtime, almost everything had a home. I enjoyed every minute of unpacking. I have so much space! So many cupboards! Three bedrooms, two bathrooms.

One bedroom is my exercise room. All I do in there is stretch. (It’s the only room with carpeting.)