You enthusiastically started working on your business.

And now that unfinished (or unstarted) website is sapping your energy.

Take a deep breath. You are not alone, you are not lazy, and you are not a failure.

There’s just a lot to think about and do when you’re running a small business or organization. And sometimes the more videos you watch or podcasts you listen to, the more overwhelming it all is.

photo of Julie Muenster


My name is Julie, and my mission is to help do-it-yourselfers create websites that look good and make sense!

I help entrepreneurs create effective websites through beautiful design and relevant content. I help you envision all the ways you connect with people and then support you as you create a website you can launch with confidence. 

I am a teacher at heart. My natural combination of being creative and analytical enables me to create lessons that are relevant and interesting. I have a degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where I got plenty of hands-on experience in writing, research, and multimedia design. I also have plenty of real-life experience (notice the gray hair!), and I value the trust you place in me.

I just love organizing information and presenting it in a way that looks good and makes sense!

My system

I’m a DIY-er myself. I understand the thrill of learning new things and the frustration when my project doesn’t look like the one in the video. I want to spare you that frustration as you work toward your goals. I’ve also learned that the results of teamwork are often better than the sum of the individual parts—so let’s be a team!

My system takes the stress out of decision making.

The options for creating a website are overwhelming. My system cuts through the noise and allows you to have your website up in days. I’ve researched and experimented and I want to share what works for me—because I know it will work for you, too.

  • Domain purchase: Namecheap. They have a great user interface and free features.
  • Hosting: Flywheel. I am an affiliate, but only because I believe they have the best platform, features, and customer service. We’ll be creating your site on Flywheel free for 30 days, but they are generous enough to let you leave them and host your site elsewhere.
  • Platform: WordPress. It’s popular, flexible, and free!
  • Theme: Make Plus by Theme Foundry. 

By the way, why Lincoln Media Design?

Abraham Lincoln was a man of integrity and a good communicator. He’s my hero.

Let’s start the conversation.

Julie is wonderful to work with. She is always professional and curious. She built me a professional website that looks and works well. Any time I have a problem she is right there to take care of me. I highly recommend her.

Tim Liesch
Harmony Home Inspection

My portfolio

If you’re dying to know more:

When I’m not bringing order and beauty to the world, I enjoy hanging out with my kids, crocheting, and working in my yard and garden. I like participating in our local theater productions and starting DIY home projects.

Some other facts:

  1. I live in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, home of the deadliest fire in U.S. history. I am a storyteller at the Peshtigo Fire Museum. Stop in when you’re in the neighborhood!
  2. I can write with either hand.
  3. I am a mother of twins; my mother also had twins.
  4. My favorite character in Lord of the Rings is Sam. My kids got his (Sean Astin’s) autograph for a Mother’s Day gift.
  5. I’m an INTJ (Myers-Briggs personality). Mastermind.
  6. Captain Jean-Luc Picard for president!
  7. I made my children watch every episode of “Gilligan’s Island.” They say they’re going to do the same to their children.