How to add an event to Event Calendar WD

In your dashboard,

click Events.

1 events in dashboard

In the flyout menu,

click Add New

2 add new

Enter title and description.

The title will show on the calendar.

The description will appear when a user clicks on the event in the calendar.

3 title and content

Optional: Yoast SEO

You can edit this section for your event to be found in searches.

4 yoast seo

Scroll down to the Event Settings section.


5 event settings

Click in “From” box to access dates and times.

6 starting date and time

Click on the date of the event.

Arrows help you navigate to different months and years.

7 starting date calendar

Select a starting time.

The times are in 24-hour style. On your calendar, they will show in normal time.

Use the arrows or the slider to navigate the hourly start times.

You can also edit the time in the “From” box. The current time is entered as the default.

8 starting time


Repeat the process for the “To” box.

Or if it is an all-day event, check the “All day” box.

9 end time or all day

In Events Venue, click the dropdown arrow.

10 event venue

Select the location of the event.

If you need to create a new location, go to Venues in the dashboard and follow the instructions. Be sure to save your work here first, or open another tab and create the new venue there.

11 select event venue

In the right sidebar, choose the appropriate Event Category.

Check the calendar to place the event.

13 category and calendar

At the top of the right sidebar,

click Publish.

You can also choose to Preview your event (either before or after publishing–it will open in a new tab).

14 publish