Day 1: The adventure begins

Day 1: Friday, August 9, 2019
The Adventure Begins!

I couldn’t wait! I decided to leave on my new adventure a day early. Give myself a mini-vacation by taking two days to get there. It’s such a treat to stay in a hotel!





I took a final ride on my scooter and said goodbye to the lake. I will miss walking around it every evening.








Tried to collect from Logan, but he said he didn’t have any cash. YOU CAN PAYPAL ME!!!





I got up at 3:30 to say goodbye to Grant, and I saw Autumn the night before. The rest of the crew is here to send me off.

Katie is the most excited for me about my adventure. Grant and Logan just want the house.




Family tradition, handed down by my parents: Wave goodbye outside!

I was a little weepy, but still so excited about what lay ahead.




Couldn’t hit the open road just yet. Stopped at my brother’s to finish a painting project (Mom helped). My last official work as Julie’s Off the Wall! (Though we’ll see—I’ve said that before, and it turned out to not be true).

Then stopped to say goodbye to my folks. I don’t think Dad is much of a selfie fan, but he indulged me.

My folks and my siblings all got together the previous Sunday to send me off. It was nice to know they’ll miss me (and I’m kinda surprised they will!). I do love hanging out with the family, and like they said, it’s nice to know we’re all close by. Or rather, we were.


One more errand—get new teaching shoes. I had a gift card for DWS, and with the coupon they gave me, these babies cost me four cents. Yeah, they’re not pretty, but they feel like slippers. What every teacher needs!








Finally, I could hit the open road! The stretch to Wausau felt the longest. Zipped on over to Chippewa Falls (passed Thorp—I had my first teaching assignment 15 miles north of there, in Gilman. Twenty-eight years ago!).

Hit some traffic in Minneapolis (not literally). When the road went down to a two-lane highway, I decided to stop at the next hotel. It was a Super 8 in Glencoe, Minnesota. Not the prettiest place, so I was hoping for a good price. The desk clerk gave me the construction worker rate, so the room was within my budget. 🙂



I love Stanley Tucci! Watched “The Hunger Games” (end of one and all of two—the best ones). I was too tired to get anything to eat. They didn’t have room service. Still, it was a lovely evening of relaxation.