SBA website infographic

Does your small business really need a website?

There’s a lot of hype about websites these days. Does your small business really need one? After all, as of the end of 2014, only 51% of small businesses had a website (see infographic right, from SCORE-Infographic-Customer-Friendly-Websites.) And they’re doing fine. Right?

Use the following checklist to determine your website needs.

You do not need a website if…

  • You don’t want your company to grow
  • You don’t want to boost sales or increase your market share
  • You prefer answering the same questions over and over again via time-consuming phone calls
  • You don’t mind being judged as unprofessional or lacking credibility
  • You prefer spending money on advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, radio & TV spots
  • You want potential customers to get their questions answered only during working hours

So, do you need a website after all? If the answer is yes, we’d love to help you design your online presence. Feel free to contact us. And best wishes for success!