screenshot of art gallery website

Don’t assault your website visitors

Lesson of the Week:

Welcome your website visitors and invite them to explore.

Recently I was working on a website for an art gallery and browsing Google for inspiration when I came across the site above. It is anything but inspirational; it assaulted my senses!

  • There are links all over the page—do they lead to the same thing? How do I know where to go? There are six “Abstract Art” links on the home page!
  • What does the graphic mean? Colors and fonts and arrows…oh, my!
  • The moving art exhibit adds to the clutter.

Yes, you have a lot to share with your potential customers, but overwhelming them with all that information will drive them away. Can you imagine an art gallery where they crammed all the art on one wall? Where all the art was vying for your attention at the same time? Can you feel the tension such chaos would generate? Just like the curator of a fine art gallery, organize your exhibits (content) and provide a path (navigation) that makes sense.

Here are some tips for improving this website:

  • Make it clear who this site is for. Art buyers? Art sellers? Both?
  • Organize the information and make it concise. Provide clear navigation.
  • Don’t be cutesy with graphics.
  • Just like an art gallery, use white space to highlight what’s important.

Welcome your website visitors and invite them to visit for a while.