Logo resources for all budgets!

You know the value of a good logo. It speaks to your audience and represents your brand. It’s the core of your marketing!


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This tool gives you the language you need to design your own or talk to a professional designer.

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Check out my DIY Logo course! This is a more in-depth look at the foundation of effective logo design. 


  • What specific research you need to do
  • The three elements of logo design (and how to incorporate them effectively)
  • The one design rule to rule them all!

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Have other things to do with your time? I’ll take responsibility for your logo, including research, drafts, and tweaks. 

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When do I need a logo?

You need something right away to identify you, even if it’s just your company name. Use a legible font in a color that will appeal to your audience. Sometimes it helps to get to know your business a little while before you seek a professional design. Don’t be afraid to start simple and then re-evaluate—even major companies redesign their logos.

Can I really do this myself?

Yes! The tips and training will help you identify an effective logo (hint: it’s not complex). If you are not comfortable with design, just keep it simple. It can still make a good impression.

Why not use Fiverr or have my friend make one?

Those are indeed options—but I recommend you check out my free resources and/or DIY Logo course first. It’ll help you speak the language of logo design, and it will help you identify effective design. Just because something is pretty doesn’t mean it’s effective! You need tools to evaluate whether the logo you purchased from Fiverr (or got from your relative) actually follows good design principles.