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Create a Kingdom – grades 5 – 8 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


A creative writing program for middle schoolers. Your student will complete a fantasy adventure book while learning good writing principles and grammar.

The link on this page is for a digital download. To purchase a physical workbook, click on this Amazon link.



Writing can be FUN! Does your middle schooler know that?!

By following the step-by-step lessons, your student will write a fantasy adventure chapter book. This writing program is designed to let your student work independently with check-ins for revising and editing.

The goals of this writing program are:

  • To give students control over their writing and subject matter.
  • To engage student imagination.
  • To develop writing skills through a cohesive project rather than a series of unrelated writing assignments.
  • To teach revision and editing in the context of writing.

Age level

This project is written at a sixth/seventh-grade reading level. It is also suitable for fifth-graders who need a challenge and eighth-graders who do not have a lot of writing experience.

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