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Would you send your preschooler here? Or your preeshooler?

While walking recently, I noticed this sign in a window. I am compelled to share it–not because I’m arrogant about my proofreading skills, but because I want everyone to know: SPELLING CAN AFFECT YOUR INCOME!

I’m sure the owners of this childcare center are compassionate people. And spelling isn’t an indication of intelligence; however, misspellings give the impression of lower intelligence. And in business, that first impression is critically important. In addition, there is a correlation between spelling and organization. So what does this classroom look like? Is there a lack of attention to detail? If  so, how will that affect  my child? And will they learn poor spelling habits by being exposed to posted misspellings?

Just have a second set of eyes read your work—BEFORE your words go public. You don’t want that second set to be a turned-off potential customer.