Day 3: Sunday in Miller

Heidi Seaman (friend from 20 years ago who also lives here!) invited me to attend her church. The sign suggests the people here have a sense of humor!



Oh, no! The announcements and lyrics were in Comic Sans! You know I’m a font snob!



They have a library! Alas, no one was in it. And the books were really old. Missing my Garden of Readin’ chums back at Faith Church in Peshtigo. This was my first hint of homesickness. Not only does Danette keep up on current books, but the room is also a sanctuary for introverts. 🙂

They have a greet-your-neighbor segment in the service here. Sigh.



I couldn’t wait till Monday to get into my classroom! I started going through files and bins to see what I had. I was having such a good time, it didn’t even feel like work.

I did get frustrated with my phone connection. I didn’t have service much of the time. And I had no internet connection yet, so I felt a bit isolated. I’m surprised how much I didn’t miss watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. My mind was so occupied with pleasant things that I didn’t need the escape.