The landscape

I am still adjusting to the landscape here. It’s so different from northeast Wisconsin.

First, there are much fewer trees. There are many on campus, and it’s obvious when driving that patches of trees were planted at one time. Most of the prairie is just that. It’s not completely flat—it’s gently rolling. Here’s the road/path where I take my evening walk. It goes up a slight rise and then down the other side to a slough (I just love that word!).

Soon after I arrived, a huge field of sunflowers burst into bloom on the southern end of campus. I could not capture their beauty or abundance (they stretched for hundreds of acres) in a photo.






I walked to the end of the farm road and took a video. I saw no people or buildings. There was no traffic noise—only the wind. It was a little unnerving.

I do miss my lake and woods, but I am fascinated by this landscape.