The sky (and the campus)

I’m just fascinated by the big sky here. In fact, the day I took most of these photos there was a tornado warning! I got the alert while in my classroom, then headed for the cafeteria (which is in a lower level). They were just serving supper, so I got a free meal. 🙂

Here I was facing south over the sunflower field.

I just turned 90 degrees to the right, and the sky is completely different.

In these photos, I’m standing in the main parking lot of the school. Here, I’m facing north. You can see the old church building (The Chapel) where we have staff devotions on Monday mornings and services with the whole student body on Wednesday evenings.

When I turn slightly left, I see the main building where the offices and high school classrooms are. The cafeteria is in the basement. The girls dorm wing is off to the right.

I’m facing southeast, toward the old gym. This is also where the junior high classroom is located as well as the art room.

This is where my classroom is located! It’s the newest building on campus. It has a gym, wrestling room, music rooms, and elementary classrooms. And air conditioning!