This is an unusual place

I attended the high school football game this afternoon here at Sunshine Bible Academy. It is SO different from Peshtigo!

  • Peshtigo has night games; the game here was at 2:00.
  • The Peshtigo field is next to a river; here, it’s next to a sunflower field.
  • Both teams prayed together after the game.

I love seeing teams step out in faith. When the game ended, I heard one of our guys run over to the other team and invite them to pray. The team that just beat them 42-6.

I am living in confidence…also an unusual place for me

I just know this is where God wants me. What a peaceful place to be after all these YEARS of praying and crying and uncertainty. I have not felt this confident and secure since…well, I can’t remember when.

That doesn’t mean life doesn’t have its challenges here. The job I thought would be a dream has turned out to be a struggle. But it keeps me close to God, and I appreciate that. It has been a humbling experience, coming in here thinking I would create relationships with these students and they would respect me and then we’d do all kinds of fun things together. I am no better than my predecessor or my colleague or anyone else. I have to rely on God’s strength every day. Though I wish my job were easier and more enjoyable, I am grateful for having to rely on God’s strength and knowing I’m still making a difference in these kids’ lives. And there’s always hope!