How to update plugins and themes in your WordPress site


WordPress and its plugins and themes are software, so periodically developers release updates which provide new features or fix known bugs. That is why updating is important.

You want to update your site at least once a month.

Open your dashboard.

You know you have updates when see notifications (numbers in red circles).

Click Updates.



update notice


When you click Updates, you will see a list of plugins and/or themes that need to be updated:

plugins and themes

Select the plugins your want to update.

Choose Select All if you want to update all of them at one time.

Click Update Plugins.


select all

You will be notified that your plugins were updated successfully.

successful plugin update

Update Themes with same process.

Select the theme box or click Select All.

Click Update Themes.

theme update select

Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your plugins and themes.

Note: WordPress itself sometimes has updates. If you are hosted by Flywheel, those updates will be done for you.

theme update successful