movie theater home page

What is the #1 question?

What is the purpose of your website? To impress visitors? To tell the world how great you are? To sell products/services? These may be valid reasons, but are they the BEST reason?

The most important purpose of a website is to answer your visitors’ questions. That means you need to know who your audience is and what they want to know (not just what you think they need to know). The #1 question you need to answer when creating a website is:

What do people who visit my website want to know?

My website analysis of the week focuses on a movie theater site. What is the top reason people visit this website? To see shows and showtimes. But that’s not what you see first when you visit this site. Instead, this website focuses on ticket prices. You have to scroll to see what shows are playing. Sure, this theater provides good value, but is that the most important part of the movie-going experience? I doubt it, since plenty of people pay $10 or more to see films at other theaters.

Here are some action tips to make this site more effective by providing a better user experience:

  • Put the films that are now showing near the top so visitors don’t have to scroll.
  • Replace or remove the gold center. The design is distracting, and it’s unclear how it’s related to movie-going.
  • Change the font to one that’s easier to read.
  • Organize the links in a way that’s easier to navigate and more intuitive. There are too many to wade through, and the arrangement is awkward. You don’t want to annoy your visitors by making it difficult to find what they want.

Web design is about more than “pop.” Be sure to address the needs of your audience—they will thank (and reward) you for it.