Your potential customers are making snap judgments about you. Are they right?

I help entrepreneurs launch their logos, websites, and lead magnets with confidence in their professional branding. 

Confidence that your online presence is EFFECTIVE. 
Not just pretty. Not flashy. But targeted and relevant.

How do you want to be judged?

Consistent and professional branding helps people know, like, and trust you.

You know how scary it is to put yourself out there.

Sometimes, your business feels personal. It’s hard to take criticism. It’s embarrassing to learn that someone thinks your website looks terrible. Or that your logo looks like a third-grader made it. Wouldn’t it feel great to know that what you put out in the world is professional and effective?

You know there’s so much riding on your shoulders.

There are so many aspects of your business to keep track of. It can be overwhelming. You don’t want to fail. You’re juggling content creation, marketing, bookkeeping, client work. Wouldn’t it feel great to toss one of those balls to someone else and relax, knowing you’ll end up with a professional brand?

You know your strengths and weaknesses.

You’d like to live in your zone of genius, the place where you hum. Where your talents and skills and strengths come together to create amazing synergy. But you’ve also got those tasks that drain you. Wouldn’t it feel great to work in your zone of genius and delegate other tasks to those who love to do them?

Wouldn’t it feel fantastic to have a professional, effective, user-friendly online presence with support from someone working in their zone of genius?

Your logo is the core of your visual brand.

This is the asset that will symbolize your organization the most. A good logo will:

  • Make a great first impression.
  • Make you stand out from the competition.
  • Convey stability and credibility.
  • Earn trust because of your professional look.
  • Give you a sense of professional pride.

Your website is the face of your organization.

The first contact with a potential customer is often through your website. An effective website is appealing and easy to navigate. You know that—you’ve been on sites that drove you crazy.

You do not need a website if…

  • You don’t want your company to grow.
  • You don’t want to boost sales.
  • You prefer answering the same questions over and over again via phone calls and email.
  • You don’t mind being judged as unprofessional or lacking credibility.

Your documents make a statement.

Have you ever been handed a form to fill out that’s obviously been copied and re-copied until it’s faded and crooked? Me, too. Makes me feel like if the company doesn’t care about their details, they are not going to care about mine.

To make a good impression, you need professional documents. These may include:

  • Business cards
  • Lead magnet PDF
  • Brochure/rack card/marketing materials
  • Presentation materials
  • Forms
  • Long documents

Your website works 24/7. Can you?

Let’s start the conversation

Without Julie’s guidance, I’m pretty sure I would not have gotten my website to where it is now. She gave me clarity and traction to take action!

Faye Ruch,

Julie was such a lifesaver. I had been stressing over my website, not sure when I’d be able to put the effort into getting it functional and not having any idea what to do with it. Julie jumped right in and CRUSHED IT!  The copy Julie wrote for the site blew my mind. She was able to put into words what my scattered brain couldn’t. The layout of the site is gorgeous and is the perfect tone. Having my site taken care of was such a relief. I am so, so happy with the results.

Tricia Prues,

All your communication—from your website to your business card—needs the elements of effective design. I walk you through the process from analysis to execution.

3ThingsWeFocusOn-01Audience analysis

To be effective, your website can’t be all about you—it’s about how you can help your client.

3ThingsWeFocusOn-02Content creation

Your content must meet the needs and questions of your audience (not merely tell the world how great you are).

3ThingsWeFocusOn-03User experience

Poorly designed efforts are worse than none at all.